Guerlain, Elizabeth Adren, Jo Malone and L’Occitane Perfumes.

So I stick to the beauty wishlist that I made and I try to get all the things from it. Right now I am looking for some new perfumes but so far I didn’t like anything I’ve tried.

I’ve tried  several Allegoria perfumes by Guerlain and liked 2 scents actually but it was not 100% what I was looking for.

I may just get well known Green Tea by Elizabeth Arden, which I like but already had.

When I was browsing American shop Nordstorm, I’ve noticed that they have this amazing set by Jo Malone, which is $95.Fragrance Combining™ encourages you to become

the perfumer and artisan, the creator of your own bespoke scent. Each of the six harmonious scents in the Cologne Collection can be mixed and matched to suit your mood or reflect the sensibility of the season, just like you would with your clothes and fashion accessories. The Cologne Collection is a delightful gift for men and women and is packaged in a Jo Malone signature gift box.

Scents include:

  1. Amber and Lavender,
  2. Grapefruit,
  3. Orange Blossom,
  4. Lime Basil and Mandarin,
  5. Nectarine Blossom and Honey,
  6. White Jasmine and Mint.

I am also thinking about L’Occitane, but I’ve never tried their perfumes, so maybe it’s time to change that. There are several  names that caught my attention. You can check them out here.

I guess, these are all my ideas so far, as you can see I am looking for a mono fragrance  or the fragrance with several notes which I can wear in summer. Any ideas are welcome 🙂

Also my Make Up Forever order got lost (bye-bye, shadows palette, primer and powder) so now I need to get a new translucent powder.  But at least I already know which one to get.

2 thoughts on “Guerlain, Elizabeth Adren, Jo Malone and L’Occitane Perfumes.”

  1. У L’Occitane великолепные запахи, правда, нестойкие. Мой любимый аромат Белый Чай пару лет назад сняли с производства. Из нынешней линейки больше всего его напоминает Бергамот (терпкий цитрусовый, который на коже “расходится” ароматным больше “напоминанием”), Зеленый Чай тоже очень похож. И очень нравится Цветущая Вишня, свежий сладкий запах цветущей сакуры.

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