Illamasqua Paranormal Makeup Collection for Summer 2013

Here is a preview of the newest collection from Illamasqua – Paranormal! As usual, it’s a it is something very beautiful and unique, something paranormal…

“The Paranormal collection was inspired by unbridled kinetic energy, spectral light and transcendental emotional forces. The things we can’t explain, that we can only feel, the place between dreams and reality; the door of perception is open and is beckoning you through, step into the light!” Creative Director, Alex Box

The products are:

Paranormal UV Nail Varnish (LE), £15

  • Omen – Paranormal Bright Green
  • Ouija – Paranormal Bright Pink
  • Séance – Paranormal Bright Violet

 Paranormal UV Top Coat, £13

  • Geist – Paranormal Clear/Glow

Yes, they do glow!

 Paranormal Palette, £34

Water-resistant eye shadows which  contain a spherical fine particle silicone, which ensures ease of use and long-wearing hold.

Paranormal – Vivid Cerise, Aura – Warm Copper, Possession – Cool Green, Trance – Soft Violet

Hydra Veil, £27.50

Gel-textured part hydrator, part primer, Hydra Veil is cosmetic-care created to “enhance make-up application through skin rehydration for an optimal base.”


Designed to honour the connotations of purple in parapsychology – a symbol of intuition and psychic activities.

  • Posture – Cool Mauve
  • ESP- Vivid Violet

Precision Gel Liner, £18

  • Infinity – Black

 Gleam in Supernatural, £18

Iridescent golden highlighter

  • Supernatural – Warm Bronze

This collection will be out from next week!

What product are you most excited about?


2 thoughts on “Illamasqua Paranormal Makeup Collection for Summer 2013”

  1. Wow, The colours in this collection look really striking.they seem to be a little pricey though. The paranormal palette looks the most interesting to me. Wonder how they will actually look. Would you post pictures of how they actually look like when put on?

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