Juicy Tubes by Lancome: Review and Lip Swatch of my Favourite Shade

As you already know next month Lancome celebrates 10 years of Juicy Tubes so I thought that it would be nice to write a post with my impression about this amazing gloss!

This is what is written about Juicy Tubes:

“Ultra Shiny Lipgloss. Add power to your pout with brilliant shine. Dial up the glamour with shimmering color. Discover a favorite shade and flavor for every mood. Lips glisten with an ultra-glossy formula that glides on easily with its tube-tip applicator.”

Juicy Tubes glosses are so famous that almost every woman tried them or at least heard about them. Although Lancome has permanent collection of glosses there were so many  limited editions and so many different sets that it’s hard to count them all.  So today I will tell you my opinion about the gloss and will show you a lip swatch of my favourite shade from permanent collection  – Simmer.

Juicy Tubes is a thick, sticky and shiny gloss. They all have different sweet scent and nice taste (at least to me). I also find this gloss very moisturizing. It looks amazing even on dry lips which is very important for me. But at the same time it’s a bit “heavy” if you know what I mean. Not everyone  likes such kind of formula but I am the one who does. And I can never have too many Juicy Tubes & am always excited about the new editions.

So this is how my current favourite shade Simmer looks on the lips.

Do you like the little pig in the corner? 🙂

So what is your opinion about Juicy Tubes? How many do you have? What is your favourite shade? What do you think about Lancome lip products in general?

5 thoughts on “Juicy Tubes by Lancome: Review and Lip Swatch of my Favourite Shade”

  1. Almost all shades that I have are sheer 😉
    No, I don’t because they are not even available in Europe yet. But I will be sure to take a look because I liked some shades from the promo photo. They should be 14 Euros.

  2. Gio, try them first because they are thick and sticky and maybe you will not like such formula.

    Tavia, 40 Euros fo 1 Juicy Tubes?! That is insane!!! No, they are not smaller.

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