Kate Moss Rimmel Lipstick Review and Lip Swatches. Rave


I love Kate Moss. I love Rimmel lipsticks. I love bright matte lipsticks. I love black and red. It seems like those Rimmel Kate Moss lipsticks were made for me!

I knew I’d love them just when I saw the first promo and I was right.

First of all I really like the simple black design with a red Kate signature. Although it is plastic, it doesn’t look cheap.

I’ve picked shade  No2 several weeks ago and now I am finally writing my impression.  Ok, this colour is probably not for everyone(by this I mean that not everyone would like to wear it) but I really love it. It’s a bright blue toned fuchsia pink which looks perfect with a simple eye makeup.

Although it is a matte lipstick, it doesn’t look flat and the formula is non-drying. The colour pay-off is fantastic and you get a beautiful, vibrant shade with only one layer.

The staying power is impressive as well. I seriously can’t think of anything I don’t like about this lipstick. Did I mention the price? I’ve got mine for less than £6.

Here is a quick photo of the lipstick paired with Rimmel nail polish in Funtime Fuchsia which I love and wear a lot.

I would totally recommend Kate’s lipsticks. And I am SO getting more shades. They have some fabulous bright colours as well as some wearable shades.

Well done, Kate and Rimmel!

You can buy it Feel Unique for £5.49 with International delivery.

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