Lierac Diopticreme Wrinkle Repair Cream Eye Contour Review

I have been using  Lierac Diopticreme Wrinkle Repair Cream Eye Contour for 20+ days so, I think, can finally tell you my opinion about it.

I really wanted to get a Lierac eye cream, as I have heard a lot of great things about it.

There are actually five products in the Diopti range: Dioptigel, puffiness reducing gel,  Diopticerne and Diopticerne Teinte,  dark circle correcting cream, Diopticreme,  wrinkle repair cream, Diopticalm, soothing balm and mask and Dioptidemaq, makeup removing gel.

I’ve picked up the anti-wrinkle one, as I believe in “prevention” and  that good skincare means a lot and does work! I am judging by looking on the older ladies who took a good care of their skin.  By the way, I would recommend this feature about anti-ageing by Caroline Hirons.

Moreover, unfortunately, my skin underneath the eyes is showing the first signs of ageing, even though I am in the 25-30 age group.

The regular face cream just doesn’t cut it for me and I can totally see the difference when I use the cream formulated for the delicate under eye area. Totally worth the investment, if you ask me.

By no means I believe that “anti-wrinkle creams” can make you look like you are 18 (again) but I do see the benefits, my skin looks smoother and the condition is so much better. I really like the texture of Diopticreme,  it doesn’t feel heavy or oily and absorbs nicely, so [my skin] feels moisturized and nourished, it’s a great part of a nighttime skincare ritual for me…

I use mine only in the evening, so I can’t really say how the cream works underneath the concealer.

Here is the list of the ingredients. And I have noticed that it does contain mineral oil, I should have looked before buying, really, but my skin loves it,  so I will keep using Diopticreme…

The online price is €22.50 for 10ml from Look Fantastic.

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