Best Short Linen Shorts

I have been looking for a perfect pair of short linen shorts for hours (I am not exaggerating) this week. I only have linen trousers and long shorts so, considering how warm it is these days, having short ones seemed like a good idea.  So, to save you time, I’ve decided to share the best two finds, in my opinion.  One is a colourful option, and the other – nude and black.

Unfortunately, my favourite Filippa K did not have anything but they do have 40%-50% sale at the moment.

So, the shorts in question are:

J Crew Seaside short in linen blend, £55 here 

These look  so good.  And come in a lot of fun shades:  Bronzed Ochre (shown and my personal favourite option), Brilliant Sunset (orange), Neon Flamingo (pink), Loden Green (khaki),  Sea Spray (baby blue),  Navy (the other option I would love) and Monaco Blue  (bright blue).

I really wish they had a red pair. But I do have a pair of linen red  (long) shorts already.  I also have an old pair of  yellow shorts but it’s time to replace them.

Arket Linen Shorts, £35 from here

These also look and sound great, and I am loving the black pair.  However, there are also Light Beige and Beige  options.

When it comes to clothes shopping,  I don’t get anything spontaneously, and always plan ahead. I also make sure that what I am going to buy will match other clothes and will fit my personal style. A great tool which helps me personally is Pinterest. I have a private board where I save the things which I am missing in my wardrobe, and am getting them one by one.

And if you are interested in some pre-loved clothes, here is my Depop Account.

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