L’Oreal Glam Shine Fresh Lip Gloss in Aqua Lemon Tonic Review, Photos and Swatches

I was very excited about the new L’Oreal  Glam Shine Fresh glosses ever since I saw the promo images several months ago. So I was very happy to pick up one last month. These are basically clear glosses with a tint.

There are yellow, blue, orange, pink and other colours. I’ve got myself  a yellow one.

I absolutely love how it looks like in the tube, so summery and juicy. On the lips it may not be for everyone. One layer may look flattering and may look great with warm shades in makeup but several layers it may look like a yolk on your lips.

Although I personally do wear this gloss on its own I think it is a great product for making your lip products look warmer. Just take a look at the swatch.

Can you see the difference it makes?

Anyway, I think that L’Oreal  Glam Shine Fresh lip glosses are a great thing to get if you want a fun  and colourful gloss. However,  it is not the most long-lasting or hydrating one. The price  is around €10, depends on the country.

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