MAC Digi Dazzle Collection for Summer 2010

Check out the new Digi Dazzle collection for lips by MAC Cosmetics which will be available in August.

Dazzle Lipsticks – €17,50

  1. Wham Plum brown
  2. Win-Win Light pink
  3. Snazzy Deep plum
  4. Sweet Bits Light lavender pink
  5. Troublemaker Magenta
  6. Infused with Glam Copper Brown
  7. Liquid Lurex Tarnished golden

  8. Naughty You Neon pink
  9. Smash Hit White beige
  10. Baby’s On Fire Deep red
  11. Glaringly Hip Light Peach
  12. Hellraiser Light lavender
  13. Hot Sass Bright orange

I love MAC lipsticks so I will be sure to check out this collection!


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