Mavala Top Coat Fixator Review

Several months ago I’ve picked up Mavala’s Quick Finish Fast Dryer Top Cat, and liked it a lot.  Since it was such a lovely product, I’ve decided to buy a new Mavala top coat to try. This time I’ve decided to try Mavala Top Coat Fixator.

And it is a nice product, as well. It meets all my requirments: makes  the nail polish shiny and glossy, doesn’t drag the nail polish when applied on top, and helps to make it dry faster. And it does make your manicure last longer!

Mavala Top Coat Fixator Review

Once again, I love the small and cute bottle which you can use up before the product becomes thick and gloopy. Next time I am near Mavala counter, I want to get  cuticle oil and a new base coat, as I am not very happy with my current one.

Also, did you know that the brand now does makeup, too?

You can buy Mavala from Feel Unique, Beauty Bay and Look Fantastic.

This particulat product is £4.75 from John Lewis.

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