My Current Favourite Black Eye Shadows: NARS in Night Clubbing. Review and Swatches

I already made a preview of 5 black eye shadows that I like and NARS Single Eye Shadow in Night Clubbing was one of them.

I have to say that NARS eye shadows are one of the best shadows on the market and it is not only my opinion!

Why is it like that? Well, the answer is very simple, they are perfect!

What do I mean?! Here are only some reasons why you may like NARS shadows:

  • They come in a great package, nice simple logo and an elegant black design.
  • The pigmintation of the product is amazing, you need only a tiny amount of it.
  • The shadows don’t smudge, crease or “magically disappear” from your lids.
  • Great variety of colours and  a lot of them are unique, I personally really like the shadows from “Night Serie”.
  • It is a pleasure to work this these shadows: they are soft and it’s not a problem to blend them. You can also layer the shadows for more intense look.
  • Honesly, I could go on and on because I can see only good things in this product.

And here is the Night Clubbing swatched. As you can see it’s an amazing colour and it is black with golden pearls.

There is only one thing that I am not very happy about and it is the price. They are $23 at the official  NARS US website which is ok because they are really worth the price: the quality is amazing and the product will last you forever. But in the UK the price is £ 16.00 and in EU it is € 24.00.

And what do you think about NARS powder shadows? Do you like them as much as I do? And what about cream shadows?

4 thoughts on “My Current Favourite Black Eye Shadows: NARS in Night Clubbing. Review and Swatches”

  1. I’m a huge NARS fan, and love the shadows as well.  They give just the right amount of pigment, and last not only on the skin but in the pan so they definitely take up some valuable real estate in my pro kit.  

    And for the longest The Multiple has been my favorite beauty product!

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