Nails Of The Day: Ciate Paint Pot in Cookies and Cream

Recently I read an interview  with a famous manicurist where he said that he would use only nude nail polish if he could. Well, that would be a nightmare for me if I had to use only nude nail polish or lipstick.

It is supposed to be chic and classy, I know. But I am just not a fan of nude nail polish. I am close to thinking this is a waste of time to put something ‘colourless’ on you nails when you can use fuchsia for example.  I just find it boring plus I can always wear nude at a certain age.

But I actually own several nude nail polishes and wear them sometimes. One of them is butter LONDON’s cult shade Yummy Mummy and several months ago I’ve also got Ciate’s Cookies and Cream.

I actually really love this nail polish and do wear it when bright colours are not appropriate and I still want to use nail polish. I find that it lasts on me for almost a week with a top and base coat which is amazing!

I love the shade which is described as a ‘soft nude milkshake delight’. I usually apply three coats as on the photo above for an opaque colour which doesn’t take forever to dry, so that makes me happy.

By the way, a lot of people ask me about the shade when I wear it and compliment on it.  And I can understand why, it goes with everything and it does look elegant. So even I, a non-lover of nude shades,  like it a lot.

Thanks to Lisa Eldridge for recommending it.

I have got mine for £8.50 from Beauty Bay.


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