Nails of the Day: Maybelline Ballerina

And here is one more Maybelline nail polish which is called Ballerina. It’s a sheer colour which is perfect for those people who don’t love bright or opaque  nail polishes.

But you can put on more coats if don’t want your colour to be too sheer, just as I did. The good thing is that with this nail polish even with 4 coats (see the photo) you don’t feel like you have tones on your nails.

4 responses to “Nails of the Day: Maybelline Ballerina”

  1. Even though I’m usually not crazy about sheer colors like this, this finish is very smooth and pretty. I would probably use this on my toes rather than my fingers though.

  2. This is too sheer for my liking but I think it will work well for French manicures or for those that want a very natural look.

  3. Funny how all the sheer pink shades are associated with sophisticated Frenchness enough to bear names like that. I can think of at least a dozen more.

    Regardless, it looks excellent on you!

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