NARS Cosmetics Holiday 2010 Makeup Collection


Trio Eyeshadow, $45

  • Okinawa (lustrous silver, deep cobalt blue and black onyx)

Duo Eyeshadow, $32

  • Melusine (pale silver lilac and bright deep purple)

Single Eyeshadow, $23

  • Etrusque (antique gold)


Lipstick, $24

  • Petit Monstre (rich berry)
  • Little Darling (nude beige)

Lip Gloss,$24

  • Downtown (metallic-pink lavender)
  • Bougainville (sheer pomegranate)


Blush, $26

  • Sex Appeal (soft peach)


Nail Polish, $16

  • Bad Influence (smoky taupe)
  • Pokerface (lilac)

This collection is already available at NARS

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