New Beauty Tool Experts by Max Factor

Here is the detailed information about Max Factor’s brush collection.

Max Factor Tool Expert collection includes six luxurious capra hair makeup brushes, eye lash curlers and eyebrow groomer, alongside precision tweezers and nail clippers and is completed with a luxury crystal nail file. Brushes are made of finest soft capra hair and  are used for flawless application of liquid and powder makeup.

Manufacturers Original Additions recommends for all brushes: washing the bristles in warm, soapy water. Squeeze out any excess water and allow to dry naturally.

Makeup artist top tip- ‘Use a quality shampoo and conditioner as the brush is made out of real hair- treat the brush like real hair. I would recommend washing all brushes every couple of weeks.’

Face Brushes

Foundation Brush £10.00

Max Factor makeup artist Caroline Barnes advises, ‘Drop a small amount of your foundation on the back on your hand to create ‘palette’ from which you to dab your brush and mix your foundation. Blend your foundation onto your cheeks, forehead, nose, and chin, even your eyelids, starting from the nose and working outwards.

Blusher Brush £11.00

Top makeup artist tip: Before applying blusher make sure that you remove any excess colour on your blusher brush. Sweep the blusher across the cheek bones making sure that the blusher extends no further than the centre of the eye and no lower than the base of your ears.

Powder Brush £14.00

Caroline advises, ‘Gently brush the pressed or loose powder all over the face and neck to achieve a natural and light application. When you use a powder brush, the bigger the brush will allow a lighter application of powder to your skin. This is why this brush is perfect for translucent powder in order to set your make up in a very natural way. The Same rule applies when applying bronzer as the effect needs to be soft and gentle.’

Lip Brush £6.00

Essential makeup artist tip: Coat lip brush with lipstick and stoke onto lips, blending into any lip liner. For longer lasting colour blot lips and apply a second coat of lipstick. After use make sure that you remove any excess colour on your lip brush.

Brushes for Eyes

Eye shadow Brush £6.00

For advanced application Caroline states, ‘Before applying eye shadow make sure that you remove any excess colour on your eye shadow brush. Apply colour to eyelids in desired way and gently blend. When using an eye shadow brush first dab the colour onto your eyelid using the brush, this helps the colour sit well on the eyelids then use the tip of the eye shadow brush to blend up into the socket.’

Eye Definer Brush £6.00

For accurate application Caroline recommends, ‘Dampen brush and sweep into powder eye shadow to create eyeliner. Gently pull the eyelid taut and rest the brush along the edge of the lash line. Apply eyeliner along the length of the lash line to achieve your desired look’.

Eyelash Curler £8.50

Caroline states, ‘Curling eyelashes make your eyes look wider and more beautiful. Eyelash curlers work best on clean eyelashes. Make sure eyelashes are free of mascara. If necessary, use eye makeup remover to remove old mascara. Open the curler, clamp lashes near the roots. Hold for 10-30 seconds. Never curl lashes after you apply mascara.

Eyebrow Groomer with Lash Comb £5.00

Professional makeup artist advice: Using the bristled side of the brush, brush eyebrows in the direction of hair growth. Glide comb through lashes to remove excess mascara, leaving your lashes looking long, lovely and clump-free.

Max Factor Nails Tools

Slant end Tweezer £8.50

Makeup artist tip: Tweeze hairs from below the brow line, tweezing in the direction of hair growth. To make tweezing easier use after a hot shower or hold a warm cloth over the brow as this helps to open the pores.

Nail Clipper £6.00

Makeup artist tip: Use the fold out arm to gently clean under and around the nails. Trim nails to desired length. Be careful not to trim below the nail bed.

Crystal Nail File  £8.50

Made from high quality, long lasting crystal, the velvety smooth filing surface helps prevent nails from splitting and also gives accurate shaping. File nails in one direction, from the corner to the centre. Never file from side to side as this can weaken and break the nail.

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