New from Inglot: Rainbow Eye Shadows and 40 Eye Shadows Freedom System Palette

Inglot is one of the first makeup brands that I’ve tried a long time ago when I was a teen (I’ve got it from Poland) so I am kind of surprised  to see it becoming so famous over the last few months.

Although I’ve been using their products for  many years, I am always happy to see the new products they release.

This time Inglot are releasing the gorgeous Rainbow Eye Shadows.

See all the shades at their website here.

And the 40 eye shadows Freedom System Palette which I think I am going to get next time I’ll have an opportunity to go to Inglot.

Unfortunately I am not sure about the prices yet.


  1. The rainbow shadows certainly look fun although it would appear they have their own freedom palette. I’ll check them out when they arrive on our shores 🙂


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