New Hair Products from Kerastase and L’Oreal

I have been wanting to “chop off” most of my hair and even liked a lot of inspirational photos on Pinterest  but then changed my mind after talking with some of my friends.

Besides that, I have been also browsing a lot of hair care products to see if there is anything I want/need to get. I did make a list, actually, but today want to tell you about two new products that caught my attention.

The first one is Kérastase INITIALISTE Advanced Scalp and Hair Concentrate, £40 for 60ml (it’s £34 at feel unique, at the moment).

This serum should be massaged into scalp and hair after washing.

The results that are promised: “Hair thickness feels boosted and is lusciously soft.  Hair has a lustrous-looking shine. Hair is more resistant – up to 93% less breakage.”

Kérastase  products usually deliver and I am already curious about this product, especially after reading great reviews.

The other product that I would like to mention is L’Oreal’s Preference Mousse Absolue (£10.99) mostly because my post about the original L’Orela Preference is, surprisingly, one of the most visited features I have ever written. So I guess people would like to know about the new version of this hair colour.

It is described as the reusable permanent hair colour  with the  unique two chamber system which  “freshly combines your colour at the touch of a button.”

Here is what the brand says:

“Our unique two chamber system automatically combines your colour at the touch of a button delivering the perfect colour mix in a rich non-drip mousse. The freshly-infused colour is intense and flawless with multi-tonal shine. Perfect grey coverage.”


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