Nude Inspiration by Clarins. Fall 2009


other photos + details:


Eyebrow Kit “Pro” Palette

  • 3 shades for correction of eyebrows(black, dark and light brown)
  • beige pink shadows
  • wax and eyebrows brush
  • liitle pincette for eyebrows, sponge, brush

Concealer Stick 4 shades

  1. 01 Light beige
  2. 02 Soft beige
  3. 03 Medium beige
  4. 04 Deep beige

Face&Blush Duo Compact.

Lower part -blush, upper – powder.Both parts ibclude golden pigments that make your skin glow

Colour Quartet( nudes)

  • sparkling beige
  • 2 peach shades
  • brown with gold

Eyeshadows Single Eye Color, new shades:
16 – Pink frost, shimmery nude pink
17 – Mystery grey, silver grey
18 – Pink sugar, shimmery pink
19 – Ice blue, shimmery blue
20 – Midnight plum , plum
21 – Beige shimmer , golden beige
22 – Midnight blue,  shimmery dark blue
23 – Silver green, green with silver midtone
24 – Hot chocolate , brown

Lipstick Jolie Rouge, new shades:
724 – Simply nude, beige with golden shimmer
725 – Pink earth, beige pink with gold and silver shimmer
726 – Heather pink, cold pink
727 – Gold plum, plum with gold
728 – Fig brown,  warm brown
729 – Red terra, brownish red


5 thoughts on “Nude Inspiration by Clarins. Fall 2009”

  1. Inês Mariano

    OHHHH NOOOOOO! Why are doing this to me!? I shouldn’t see this… 😀 Look at that blush/powder ALL IN ONE!!! And those nude lipsticks! I’m completly crazy for bronzers and face powders, clarins may not have the most beautiful package but for me has the most beautifull colours of the fall :$ OMG Marina… I cannot live without that powder on my wallet 😀 *

  2. hi, Ines!
    I don’t like makeup on the model, but collection includes some interesting lipsticks! 😉

    as for myself, I like Dior’s fall better.I want puprle shadows! I really wanted Dior’s shadows from last autumn, but when I had a chance to go shopping they were all gone:( so this time I won’t miss it!:)

  3. Inês Mariano

    I love clinique creams 🙂 never feel grossy 😀 because i have oilly-mist skin, its perfect befora makeup =) can’t wait to see it 😀 But i have to agree with you, the model seens so poor 🙁 I love the givenchy collection, i guesse it’s may favourite, next to guerlain of course 😀 Hope guerlain release some powder to the fac 😉

  4. To Ines:
    check it out tomorrow then!I also plan to do a review of some magazines with scans:)

    To all others:
    if you are republishing this article, mind that I gave the sourse of pictures, but I made all translation myself. so if you are using my translation mention about it!

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