Paul & Joe Lip Gloss in Lustre: Review and Lip Swatch

I’ve realized that I don’t post  that many information and reviews about Asian and Australian brands.  I will try to pay more attention to them and also to get more things for myself in the future.  And we will start today with Paul and Joe.  Although I came across a lot of reviews on the blogs that I read I’ve never been a fan of the brand for some reasons.

Sabrina has the best reviews about this brand on her blog The Beauty Look Book. She already has photos of summer collection so if you are a fan of  Paul & Joe – don’t miss it.

When I saw that Zuneta has a discount on these beautiful glosses I understood that it’s time to get some for myself. They were  only £ 8.18 instead of £ 14.30 so I had to get them. At first I wanted to get all of them but eventually got only one “just to try”

Look how beautiful they are

“When you spread this lip gloss onto your lips, you won’t notice a heaviness , as with other glosses. This plumping, thickening gloss glides on your lips with perfect smoothness. Once it’s on, it adheres firmly and adds an extra dimension that lasts and lasts.

001 Byzantine: A cool, sexy shade of brown and gold

002 Bullion: Bright yellow and gold with a luxurious shimmer

003 Lustre: Charming shades of pink and gold that project twinkling lights.”

So what is my opinion about the gloss?

Probably I am thinking stereotypes   but for me all (well almost all) makeup that is made in Japan = good quality.  But if to talk about this gloss it is 100% true. The package in real life looks very pretty and cute so I don’t know why I always thought that it is not. The gloss itself is also gorgeous, too bad that those gold lines mix together with pink after some time but it is still beautiful.

I really loved the brush, it was very firm at the beginning but after you use the gloss for some time it becomes softer.  It is small and pretty firm brush which makes it perfect for applying the product.  It even reminds me of professional lip brushes.

The gloss itself feels very nice on the lips, it is not too heavy and not too sheer, just the way I like it to be. It is not sticky at all and doesn’t smell (at least to me).  As for the shade – Lustre is a sheer pink with golden micro shimmer which will look great on everyone.

The conclusion?

by the way the blush that I am wearing is NARS Orgasm

I am very happy that I finally got this Paul & Joe gloss and now I want to try other products of the brand.

These glosses are LE and I would really like to get the golden  one (and maybe even the brown one) so I hope they  will still be available next time I order from Zuneta.

And what is your experience with Paul & Joe?  What is you favourite  Asian brand that I should try?

4 thoughts on “Paul & Joe Lip Gloss in Lustre: Review and Lip Swatch”

  1. I am quite fond of Lavshuca. It’s an Asian “drugstore” brand, so it’s relatively affordable, and their eyeshadow compacts are gorgeous, if you get a chance, check out the heart flower shaped ones.

  2. Rocaille, thank you! It is NARS Orgasm 🙂

    makeup morsels, thank you for comment. I heard about Lavshuca, I was also thinking about Lunasol.

    gio, thank you, it’s a great gloss 🙂

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