Rouge Bunny Rouge Quartz Eyeliner Devotion Ink in Amethyst Essence. Review and Swatches

Today I want to show you this beauty from Rouge Bunny Rouge which is called Quartz Eyeliner Devotion Ink.

Here is the photo with the package, as I find their packages too cute, I don’t even throw them away (sad, I know).

There are four shades in general and this one is called Amethyst Essence and is described by RBR as ‘rich mid-lavender base, ablaze with fine bright silver and pale blue glitter.’

This is a prefect shade for the subtle look, it looks really pretty  and delicate when applied. This shade is pretty unique, I don’t have  a similar colour.  The glitter is also very delicate and gives  this liner a dimension.

It’s really easy to use Quartz Eyeliner and I think that even those who struggle with the liquid eye liner application in general won’t have problems with this one!

As for the staying power – I don’t have any problems here, too. For me it stays on for the whole day without migrating, smudging or fading.

It was very hard to capture the shade. This blurry photo below is the best result I could get but it definitely doesn’t do it justice. The shade is more complex and beautiful in real life. But at least you get the idea…

You can get yours at for £27 which is not cheap but, I think this would make a great treat for a special occasion, or ‘just because’ 😉

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