Sedona Lace Makeup Artist Brush Belt With Zipper Review and Photos

You don’t really see bad reviews here because I choose very carefully on what products to get and I also choose carefully on what samples to accept…

It took me some time to choose a perfect brush belt as I wanted it to match all my expectations. So I’d like to thank the lovely Shiobhan from Makeup For Dolls for suggesting Sedona Lace.

To tell the truth, I’ve never heard of them before but, apparently they have this amazing brush belt, which is only $19.95.

I looked at some photos and watched several videos (see, I’ve told you,  that I choose everything carefully) and decided to get it. By the way, I’ve also got an gel eye liner which is great. The shipping was around $10 (to Europe) and I did not have to wait for a long time for it. Very impressive!

I have to say that I absolutely adore mine, the best $20 I’ve spent in some time. Although it is rather compact, you can fit in a lot of brushes and tools  in it.

Here are only some of them…

The zipper is also very helpful as you don’t loose your small brushes or tools and it’s very easy to carry the brushes around like that. This belt feels very comfortable on and  gives you an easy access to the brushes.

I don’t know about the longevity of this belt as I’ve had it only since April but so far I can say that for $20 it’s a great quality and I would recommend it!

Here is just a cropped photo of the belt on  for you…

Next on my wish list – Japonesque lipstick palettes!

2 thoughts on “Sedona Lace Makeup Artist Brush Belt With Zipper Review and Photos”

  1. Oh wow….and only $20.00? That’s insane, Marina! I love it and have been looking for something that not only holds more than 15 brushes, but looks good, is comfortable and not crazy expensive! I need to check this out – thanks for sharing, my friend!!

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