shu uemura Blossom Dream Makeup Collection for Spring 2013

This Spring shu uemura offer a beautiful colourful collection called Blossom Dream with blue, green, coral and yellow eye shadows and matching eye lashes. There are also nine new lip products and five blushes.


Unmask Palettes ( £50/$65) in Green, Pink and Blue

Drawing Pencil (£16/$21) in  Gold and White

Rainbow Feather L False Eyelashes, £34/$30

Rainbow Feather S False Eyelashes, £24/$25


Rouge Unlimited Blossom Dream (LE, £19/$30) Dark Beige and Bright Orange

Rouge Unlimited Supreme Matte Blossom Dream (LE, £19/$30) Bright Pink and Light Beige

Gloss Unlimited (LE,/$23) at10g Sparkling Silver, at20g Dazzling Gold,cr 20s Light Creamy Coral, pk 40g Sparkling Fuchsia, pk 10g Sparkling Baby Pink.


Glow On Refill Blush(£16/$20) – Blossoming Spring Shades P Soft Pink 324, P Soft Coral 332, P Vivid Orange 551, M Soft Orange 542, P Light Yellow 020.

There are also all variations of the cult cleansing oil in a special edition design  450ml for £56.50/$90



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