Sleek The Berry Collection for Holiday 2011

I really love berry and burgundy shades for Holidays. So I am excited about this new Sleek Limited Edition Berry Collection.

You get three products in a gift packaging:

  • Fenberry blush, crimson rose
  •  Kohl Pencil in Mossberry, a deep burgundy chunky liner
  •  True Colour lipstick in Cranberry, a matte mulled wine

I think I will have to get this set especially after seeing this look. It is actually one of my favourite blogs and I highly recommend following Viola.

The price is only £9.99/€12

You can get it at Sleek or Cloud 10 website.

4 thoughts on “Sleek The Berry Collection for Holiday 2011”

  1. I saw this in Brighton and tried on my hand, but went away without buying it, and then kicked myself for not getting! So I had to go to the little town near me where I know they never sell out of Sleek and bought it, ans so glad I did, the colours are beautiful. It’s a bargain!

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