Sunday 15.11. Beautiful Reading

Pupa holiday 2009What an amazing collection from Pupa for Holiday 2009. I  *love* it. Check the details at  Lushious Beauty

Read the review of a Lancome’s lipstick plus an interesting experience in the beauty store – Mary in Wonder

Get the look of Blake Lively with Chanel makeup – Blogdorf Goodman

The Muse tells you the dirty details about the last episode of Gossip Girl and the holiday Philosophy collection – Musings of  a Muse

Did you like the new video of Lady Gaga? Check out the look that was inspired by her –  Makeup Your Jangsara

Soft Gold Eyes Look that you can wear everyday – A Brilliant Brunette

How are you doing my dear readers? I am doing just great. This week me and the BF had our anniversary so we had a celebration at our fav Japanese restaurant. But if you follow me on twitter you know the details!

I am going away for a week and I will be very busy for blogging but I already wrote posts for each day and I promise to answer all your comments and e-mails as soon as I get home. Plus I will have a giveaway next week! So don’t miss it!

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