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Apivita Eco Bio Baby Kids Range: Mild Shampoo and Mild Body Wash Review

I was sent two products from Apivita Eco Baby Kids range (not entirely sure why) some time ago. So I would like to tell you about them, hopefully, this will be useful for all the Mums.

Mild Body Wash with honey & lavender (€12.95 for 200ml) is very gentle and  doesn’t contain any  harmful  ingredients.  The lavender scent  is really nice and mild, so it’s relaxing without being overpowering, exactly what a child needs. I am giving this away to my little cousin. I am pretty sure she’ll love it.

Mild Shampoo with chamomile & honey (€12.95 for 200ml) this

Apivita Gentle Cleansing Gel for the Intimate Area for Extra Protection Review

Products for the intimate hygiene is not something that I talk a lot about here. But I thought why not telling you about this really nice product by Apivita called Gentle Cleansing Gel for the Intimate Area for Extra Protection.

It is contains 91% natural ingredients and, according to the brand, prevents pathogenic microorganisms’ growth and small irritations with propolis, tea tree and natural lipoamino acid. It also helps to  protect the natural flora of the intimate area and respects the natural pH with lactic acid and natural oligosaccharide.

It is a very gentle product  that smells nice and definitely helps you  feel clean and fresh, especially at that time of the month.  I don’t know what else is there to say, besides the fact that I am very pleased with this cleanser.

I usually

Apivita Intensive Moisturizing Hand Cream Review and Photos

I love a good hand cream and always have at least one in my hand bag, for me it’s an essential and a must-have!

This is why I am always happy to share about the hand creams that I love. So far my  absolutely favourite one is Elemis Pro Radiance hand cream, I also love Clarins Hand and Nail Tretment and Neutrogena  Norwegian Formula hand cream.

So today I want to tell you about one more hand cream that I really like and it’s the Apivita’s Intensive Moisturizing Hand Cream. (€6.60 for 50 ml)

It comes  in a stylish  silver packaging with a pretty design. This hand cream smells amazing, I’ve noticed that people often asked me about the scent when I’ve used it.

So why do I like this cream? It

Apivita Propoline Shampoo and Nourishing and Repairing Mask for Dry-Dehydrated Hair. Review and Photos

It’s time to tell you about more Apivita products that I loved, this time I want to tell you about about their shampoo and hair mask.

This is a range with honey and almond for dry and dehydrated hair which contains rosemary infusion instead of water and organic oils.

Although my hair is not dry or dehydrated, I was curious to try this range, as I’ve heard some amazing things about it.

First of all, I have to say that I really love the scent of both products, they do smell of honey. I have been using this shampoo for several months and I would say that it does make  the hair  soft and shiny.  It does feel nourished without getting greasy and does not weight the hair down.

It should also protect the ends from splitting but I can’t make any comments on that as I try to get a hair cut every two-three months now, which is very regular for me ( I used to go once-twice per year; yes, I know).

Here are the ingredients but if you can’t see them properly, Apivita does list them all on the website. The price for 250 ml is €11.90.

I have been also

Apivita Natural Serum Radiance Review and Photos. Rave

I received several Apivita products so I will show you some of my favourites in the next few months.

So today I want to show you my absolute love – Apivita Natural Serum Radiance.

Apivita has four serums and I received two, one I am using myself and one, for mature ladies, I gave to my Mum.

It is written that this serum with Bilberry and Vitamin C is suitable for women who are 25-35 with the following concerns: Anti-aging, Dark spots, Dull Skin, First Wrinkles.


Luckily, I don’t suffer from  dark spots and don’t have wrinkles yet ( I am in my mid-twenties) but after winter months my skin looked dull  and tired so I’ve decided to give this a go!

And I am so happy I did.  This is probably my favourite skin care product I’ve used in some time and I am definitely going to re-purchase it!

So why do I like it so much?

First of all, I love the beautiful design and the how easy it is to use the serum. This product has an amazing scent and contains 96% natural ingredients.

It makes my skin