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Moroccanoil Body Care Products

I am personally a huge fan of Moroccanoil hair treatments, so  am pretty excited about the brand’s range for body. I love the  chic and elegant design and the carefully selected items that they included.I haven’t tried anything but have high expectations for these beautifully looking tubes and jars.

Everything is actually already available in the USA (lucky them), so let’s take a look:

Moroccanoil Body Care Products promo

Dry Body Oil ($38), Shimmering Body Oil ($45),  Intense Hydrating Treatment($27), Cleansing

AR457 Luxury French Argan Skincare Range Review

I don’t like experiments when it comes to my face, so I choose the products I use carefully and rarely agree to try new skincare products for the feature, let a lot several new products.

But I’ve decided to take the opportunity and try AR457 range, because  this brand seemed like an amazing one and because my Twitter friend who swears by it.

What is AR457?  It is an luxury French skincare, pioneer in Argan oil skincare.

The name stands for:

  • 4 tocopherols, natural antioxidants that prevent the skin’s ageing process and the formation of wrinkles.
  • 5 phytosterols that revitalize the skin and regenerate cells
  • 7 biomolecules with healing, filtering, revitalizing, protective and disinfectant properties

 I have several products to show you:

Well-Being Care [dwlb], €58

This is a day cream with  a  sun protection, as the brand calls it “complex solar filter Well-Being Care [dwlb]”

I actually really like it and already used about half of  the jar, as I find that this cream works great for my dry and sensitive skin. It smells really nice, feels light, yet moisturizing and nourishing. My skin is smooth and supple afterwards and it works great under my makeup. Just don’t put the foundation straight away, obviously.

It doesn’t clog my pores and doesn’t make me break out.

Elixir Metaserum [lyf]€ 88

This is quite a thick  and very moisturizing serum. Works great underneath the cream, especially in colder months when you need that extra care!  I do find it hydrating, as  promised, as it did help to battle the tightness and dryness. The key ingredients are avant-garde seaweed extract, Padina Pavonica which