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Seasonal Berry and Red Lip Colour Guide with Rouge Bunny Rouge

I wrote a feature for Rouge Bunny Rouge about the berry and red lip shades and how you can wear them on a daily basis, to read it yourself click here.

Red and Berry lips and cheeks with Rouge Bunny Rouge Makeup4all

Thank you, RBR, for this great opportunity!

Rouge Bunny Rouge Eye Gloss Smithereens of Stars Review, Swatches and Look

I want to show you a very cool product which is Rouge Bunny Rouge Eye Gloss Smithereens of Star, a clear eye gloss.

So how does it work?

I personally like applying it on the eye lids over a thin layer of foundation (I use foundation to even out the skin). You can also use it on top of any other product you like.

The best thing about this particular gloss is that it doesn’t feel oily, greasy or heavy on the eyes, unlike some products (or lip gloss).

It does migrate down the eyes and crease, as you would imagine, so it’s not really a product for an “every day look”. Although I personally do wear it sometimes when I am in the mood but only with waterproof mascara as I don’t want my makeup under my eyes.

You can also use it as on the top of the

Berry Lips Products for AW 2012. My Top 10 Picks

You have probably noticed that dark berry lip is very popular now, big trend I’d even say… Some readers have asked me to share my picks, so here they are.

I have not tried any of these lip products (yet) but the list is based on the items that I would get for myself personally. In fact, some  are already on the way to me, so you may see them in the future.

I have divided these into two groups, more affordable options, if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on such shade and luxury  products if you want to treat yourself!

A lot of these products are from AW 2012 makeup collections, but not all.

1. Kate Matte Lipstick Shade 107,  £5.49 AW 2012 Rimmel collection.

2. butter LONDON Lippy in La Moss, £14. AW 2012 butter LONDON collection.

3.  ARTDECO Dita Von Teese Art Couture Lipstick Velvet in 656 Black Dahlia,  £18.50 AW 2012 ArtDeco collection.

4. Topshop Lips in Beguiled, £ 8, permanent line

5. OCC  Lip Tar in