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January 2013 Beauty Favourites

I used to write about my monthly favourites back in 2009, I think, but somehow stopped doing that. So I thought why not giving it another go in 2013?

So here is the list of my January 2013 Favourites and this time I’ve chosen only makeup, not to make a huge list. But next time I will probably add some of my beauty favourites, too. What do you think?

So here we go…


If I could choose only one favourite product of January – that would be Clarins Gloss Prodige in 09 Water Lily which is now my favourite lip gloss!  It is  hydrating, smoothing and looks  beautiful on the lips. And it smells delicious, too.


Another product from Clarins would be their Beauty Flash Balm which is a must have for me in winter months, it makes my face look polished and brings back the glow. I also like how the foundation applies afterwards.

Speaking of foundation –  my top pick would be Rouge Bunny Rouge Tinted Moisturizer Sketches on Water. If you have dry skin, I would totally recommend, it blends into the skin and

Weekend Face Of The Day. Vol 1

I’ve stayed most of the Saturday at home as I had guests so wanted to keep it very simple. Here are the products I wore.


Rouge Bunny Rouge’s Tinted Moisturiser Sketches on Water is my latest obsession. It is perfect for winter, it doesn’t enhance any dryness and looks great even on the weather beaten, dehydrated skin! Gives a very natural coverage and people won’t be able to tell that it’s not just your skin.  The coverage is enough for me but you may want to use concealer locally. I use shade Adansonia but you can see my swatches of all shades here.

The brand’s Blush Wand in Rubens is a relatively new product for me but so far I am loving it.


I’ve used

Rouge Bunny Rouge Tinted Moisturiser Sketches on Water Review and Swatches of All Shades

Summer is here so it’s time for a light coverage  foundation or, even better, tinted moisturizer. This is why I think it’s a perfect time to tell you about the Rouge Bunny Rouge’s Tinted Moisturiser Sketches on Water (£46).

It comes in three shades and I had a sample of each shade which was enough to properly try the product and swatch the shades for you.

The shades that available are:

  • ADANSONIA, Transparent wash of pale milky beige
  • SEQUOIA, Transparent wash of pinkish beige
  •  QUERCUS, Transparent wash of warm tawny mid-beige

Here is how they look like. I should have taken a photo earlier as there is hardly anything left and the product is a bit dried out (I’ve had it for months) but you can still see how each shade looks like which  is the most important thing here.

As you can imagine, this TM would

Hourglass Illusion Tinted Moisturizer in Ivory Review and Swatches

It took me several months to form my opinion about the Hourglass Illusion Tinted Mositurizer. But I am finally ready to share my thoughts.

‘Illusion’ comes in a gorgeous shimmering golden bottle which is pretty heavy and looks properly luxurious which is always a bonus.

I have a shade called Ivory which is a second lightest shade which has a yellow under-tone to it. There are six shades in general and each retails for £45/ $55.

The brand promises a visibly tighten and lifted skin within an hour, intense moisturising and hydration (thanks to hyaluronic) which minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This product is also water-resistant and free of oils, fragrance, paraben, gluten, sulfate and phtalate.

As you know, I love Hourglass so was  hoping to love this product, too!

So here is my opinion…

Although I have the second lightest shade, it is a bit dark for my skin tone in winter and is a bit to yellow but I find that it adapts to the skin tone and  you can’t see the difference in some time. That really impressed me.

It does feel