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H2O Plus Face Oasis SPF 30 Hydrating Lotion Review

It can be  tricky  for me to find a suitable facial moisturizer for Spring/Summer period.

My skin is dry but I can’t use heavier textures, as I do in Autumn/Winter, and the  products with lighter textures often don’t deliver and don’t hydrate and moisturize my skin enough.

Luckily, H2O Plus Face Oasis SPF 30 Hydrating Lotion is a real life saviour!

It comes in a very cool ombre blue bottle which looks super stylish. The lotion itself has a light  blue tint to it and a “marine” scent.

The texture is light and non-greasy which is exactly what you want in a warm weather, it sinks into the skin immediately, at least in my case, but at the same time leaves the skin feeling amazing.  It [the skin] is smooth, supple and healthy in general (that’s actually the best word to describe the effect) afterwards.  Plus it does feel hydrated and moisturized which is my main concern.

The formula contains