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Luce Makeup Collection by Armani for Spring 2012

We continue  our preview of the Spring 2012 collections. And today we will take a look at Giorgio Armani’s  Luce makeup collection.

The face of the collection is Megan Fox and I really love the makeup she is wearing, so fresh and pretty!

Linda Cantello on the  collection: “The darkness of winter becomes the glowing light at spring.”

This collection is about the pastels, as well. It is inspired by Mr. Armani’s love of light.

This collection includes:

Eye Palette 1 Pearl Violet Jade Green Sheer Gold Greige, £49.50

Eye Palette 2 Grey Metal Fibre Copper Pigment Crystal Brown, £49.50

Sheer Blush in

Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Lash Stretching Mascara

If you are a fan of Armani’s Eyes to Kill Mascara you’ll be happy to find out about their new Eyes To Kill Stretching Mascara. This mascara should create  “bold, voluptuous lashes, lengthened to the extreme.”

So far it is available in black and midnight blue and retails for £23.50 at Selfridges.

The spokesomodel is Megan Fox as you all can see. And I have to say that  I really like her makeup and style in general on the promo.

I would love to try this new mascara but right now I have so many that this one has to wait. My latest addiction is BADgal lash by Benefit.