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Inspiration of November: Romola Garai

My inspiration this month is Romola Garai, so far I’ve seen almost all the films with her, there are only 5 left (Vanity Fair,  Amazing Grace, The Other Man, Daniel Deronda and As you Like It). And I am totally in love, she is so amazing and talented.

I’ve noticed her performance in François Ozon’s Angel which was brilliant, later I read that The Independent named her one of the actresses of the year for her performance in this film.

After that I’ve watched Emma with her and Jonny Lee Miller (ex hubby of  Angelina Jolie) which I liked as well, although Emma is not my fave charter.

The films that I really liked were Inside I am Dancing (with James McAvoy)  because it’s just a great film, you have to see it and Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights because for someone who never danced before she was pretty amazing.   I also loved the way she looked in Glorious 39 – just stunning! To find out more about her roles read  this post there are great photos, too.

And here are some photos of Romola

More photos

Ins and Outs. November 2010

This is just a post in which I’d love to share the things that I’ve been loving and not this month. I hope you will enjoy it 🙂


Pasta and spaghetti with wine.

Both in restaurants and at home. I’ve made the one you can see on the photo.

Films with Romola Garai.

She is my inspiration of November, post on this coming soon.

FCUK ‘Whatever” T-shirt.

Whatever is like one of my favourite words. I love this t-shirt a lot.

Jonathan Ward Candle in Dance in Summer Rain.

Do you remember my post about the candles? So many people told me to get the Jonathan Ward London candle, so I did. It’s an amazing candle that makes your room full of divine scent and you don’t have to burn it for hours. The price is £20 and they ship Worlwide.

Rafaello and M&M’s

I am not a big fan of sweets but I do love