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Christmas 2013 Luxury Palattes: AERIN and Chantecaille

Holiday season is the best time to treat yourself, or a friend, to some luxury (expensive) beauty gifts.  Plus it’s hard to resist with our favourite brands bringing out so many gorgeous offerings.

These days makeup is not only about the performance, but also about the design and the story behind the product, it can be almost an object of art, which makes our hearts beat faster.

And here is a preview of this year’s palettes from two premium brands – AERIN ($70) and Chatecaille ($60/£45).

AERIN Winter Color Palette and  Chantecaille The Diamonds palette  holiday 2013

AERIN Winter Color Palette

Brocade, golden

Bobbi Brown Sparkle Eye Shadow in Black Chocolate Review and Swatches

I was very excited to try this beauty from Bobbi Brown – Sparkle Eye Shadow (LE) £20/€30 in Black Chocolate which is a part of  Uber Basics Pretty Powerful collection.

This is a dark brown eye shadow with sparkle and, if you are a regular reader, you will know that I love my dark browns.

Here is how it looks like in the pan.

I was worried that it may  be  a bit too much for the day time but the best thing about this eye shadow, is the fact that it looks different in different light. In the day the sparkles looks wearable, you don’t end up looking like a disco ball. But  in the evening, when you need some oomph, the glittery bits look fantastic in the electric light, they  do sparkle!

Although these are glittery eye shadows, the texture is very smooth and

Inglot Eye Shadows AMC Shine 37 Review and Swatches.Rave

Besides the red eye liner, I have also picked up this gorgeous AMC Shine 37 eye shadow by Inglot.

This shade instantly caught my attention and made me think of my favourite eye shadows ever, Rouge Bunny Rouge Bejewelled Skylark so I had to pick it up.

Look how pretty it is in the sunshine!

It is exactly the kind of shade that I love  with a beautiful delicate shimmer, it looks stunning. As for the quality, it is brilliant: the colour can be applied rather sheer or can be built up, it blends out beautifully,  does not crease, fall out or smudge on me.

I have been wearing it non stop paired with this