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Stila Holiday 2010 Makeup Collection

Here is a preview of Stila holiday 2010 collection.

Lip Glaze Set ($120 Value), $25

A collection of eight luscious lip glaze shades, packaged in Stila’s clickable pens.

There are 8 shades:

  • Kitten
  • Guava
  • Grapefruit
  • Apricot

new LE shades

  • Seashell
  • Blush
  • Majesty
  • Merry Merry

Color Wheel Eye Shadow Palette , $38

The Color of Innovation Fall 2010 Collection by Stila

The new Stila Fall 2010 collection is already available so be sure to check out their website for more information. Collection includes:

long wear lip liner, $18

  • Aspiring – neutral beige
  • Passionate – red
  • Charming – light rose
  • Obsessed – hot pink

#33 one step complexion brush, $32

backstage eye shadow palette, $28

  • Chiffon – shimmery peach
  • Flamingo – shimmery fuchsia
  • Pacific – metallic navy blue
  • Luster – metallic warm alloy
  • Poetic – shimmery mauve
  • Coal – cool metallic emerald

long wear liquid lip color, $22

  • Fiery – the perfect red
  • Caprice – hot pink
  • Patina – warm nude
  • Petal –

Stila Lip Glaze Set. Review and Swatches

So here is the promised review of the Stila Lip Glaze set which includes 8 colours  and which you can see on the photo:

This set contains:

4 New colours:

  1. plum fairy – a sheer plum with pink pearl
  2. candy – sheer pink-coral with subtle rainbow shimmer
  3. marmalade – sheer peach with pink and white pearl
  4. pinkle twinkle – sheer mid-tone pink with rainbow shimmer

and 4 Bestsellers:

  1. kitten – nude pink champagne shimmer with golden pearl
  2. starfruit – neutral pink-coral with white pearl
  3. cranberry – sheer brick red
  4. blackberry – deep purple wine

I am sorry that I am writing about this set only now but this is because I got it only several weeks ago. But no worries, I just checked out and it is still available. But if not, you can get the glosses separately.

The price is only $25 which is a great deal! Single lip glaze is $22, but I believe that you get a bigger gloss. So this is a great opportunity to try lots of differents shades.

Here you can see them all:

You can see that some glosses are opened and some are not yet. And I hope that you can see the brush.

Check out the swatches and why you should get (or don’t get) this set

About My Stila Order

I was thinking for a long time if  I should make this post or not. I would really love to hear your thoughts on the subject. So here we go…

If you don’t remember I made a post about my first Stila order ever. I wanted to get 2 sets so what did I get? I got only 1! Do you want to know why? This is the question that has no answer. I had so many issues getting my order that any other normal person would give up. But this is not about me when it comes to makeup! To explain the situation here is the quote from the letter of  my dear friend from the US:

“I just found a problem with your Stila order. The order confirmation showed me that the total was $95.95, but my bank account showed a purchase for only $57.95. I looked in the box and saw that they did not send the $38 gift set. I just called them to ask why, but there was no answer.”

As you can see my friend got an order and she had it for several weeks before she opened it (because why would she open it if this is mine). I just don’t understand what’s the problem here. The set that I wanted to get was still available at the website WHY didn’t they show that it is not anymore?! I would not get any illusions.  When you don’t get something because it is already sold out it is not the best feeling on Earth. But when you are happy because you managed to get something you wanted for a long time (which was hard to get) and at the end you realize that you never got it – even it’s worse. I was very disappointed with this situation!

I wrote to several bloggers from the US to ask their opinion and you know what?! Most of them had the same issues with Stila at least once.

I am not saying that this situation affects my opinion about the quality of Stila  products but I will think twice before sending $ to America, ask my friends to get it for me and send here. Why should I bother that much when I can’t even be sure that I get what I want.  And here is the set that I never got. Please mind that this is not my photo, I Goggled it and unfortunately I have no idea where form is this image because I have it since November. But feel free to tell me so I can link back.

If you are from America and had the same issues with this  brand or any other I would really love to get a comment from you. What did you do in this situation? I would also love to hear all your thoughts on the subject. By the way, today I plan to write about the other Stila set that I got and I already made photos and swatches of it. Unfortunately the fact that I never got the set that I’ve mentioned is a bad thing for you too because I planned to give away 5 items!

Stila Spring 2010 Makeup Collection and Some New Items

This week I did not read a lot of blogs so I can’t tell you my favourite posts of the week. But I’ve noticed these new items by Stila available  @ Sephora.  Some of the products are for Spring 2010 collections  plus some new items and items on sale!

Eye Shadow Trio, $20

What it is:

An eyeshadow trio featuring Stila’s award-winning formula.

What it does:

Three complementary shades in one: base, crease, and liner make your makeup a complete breeze. Each trio contains three shades pressed into one piece, which can fit into any Stila refillable compact.

Available in:

  1. Afterhours: bright, vibrant shades
  2. Bella: pinks and burgundies
  3. Goddess: neutral-bronzes
  4. Going Green: green hues
  5. Rocker: smoky grays
  6. Venus: plums

Jewel Lip Glaze Trio ($66 Value), $32

What it is:

A trio of glistening, jewel-infused glosses.

What it does:

This set features three glosses with an innovative formula that glides on seamlessly and leaves a celestial wave of sequin-like reflections on the lips. The luxurious glosses contain Stila’s Exclusive Gem Complex, which contains diamond, emerald, jade, ruby, moonstone, rose quartz, sapphire, topaz, amethyst, amber, garnet, mother of pearl, and opal. Mango seed butter, goa seed butter, and shea butter also offer moisturizing benefits.

This set contains:

  1. Pink Diamond (pink with pink sparkle)
  2. Amethyst (warm plum with gold sparkle)
  3. Golden Topaz (amber bronze with pink sparkle)

Jewel Eye Shadow Palette, $32

What it is:

A glistening palette with four sparkling shades.

What it does:

Take your eye look to a whole new level! This Jewel Eye Shadow formula creates a wave of color that glimmers and sparkles across your lids for a brilliant, out-of-this-world, sequin-like reflection. This palette provides buildable, smooth-gliding color and the perfect blend of pigment, transparent talc, and pearl delivers a weightless feel on the eye.

This set contains:

  1. Rose Quartz (light pink with silver sparkle)
  2. Amethyst (grey eggplant with champagne sparkle)
  3. Black Diamond (black with silver sparkle)
  4. Golden Topaz (champagne shimmer with silver and gold sparkle)

Black Diamond Mascara, $24

What it is:

A luxurious mascara swirled with authentic crushed diamonds.

What it does:

Blended with shimmer and infused with genuine black diamond powder, this innovative formula lengthens and adheres perfectly to lashes thanks to its jelly and filmogen complex. The result is unusually soft, plush, comfortable feeling along with a defined, lengthened look.

Available in

  1. Black Shimmer
  2. Blue Shimmer

A Couple of Crushes, $10

What it is:

Two deluxe-sized Lip and Cheek Stains.

What it does: