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Uriage Gyn Phy Intimate Hygiene Cleansing Gel Review

We all discuss facial cleansers and showers gels all the time, but I don’t see enough of intimate cleansers reviews, and that’s a shame. This is why I want to share about my latest discovery which I really like. And it is Uriage Gyn Phy  Intimate Hygiene Cleansing Gel which I posted about back in January.

Uriage Gyn Phy Intimate Hygiene Cleansing Gel ReviewYou know that feeling when you are obsessed with an idea of getting something? Yes, that. I really wanted to buy such kind of product from a French pharmacy brand, so here we are.

I  like

New Beauty Purchases and Some Updates

I will always be excited about makeup, I have been for as long as I remember myself and I always will be. But lately I have been more reasonable with my makeup purchases. The thing is that, if I am honest, I don’t need 20th highlighter even if it is super limited edition and is slightly different to what I already own.

Speaking of new releases, there are so many amazing new lipsticks coming out for SS16 (watch this space), and, yes, I would like at least one of each but do I really need them? Moreover, I can’t fit what I already have in my storage.

Now where was I? Oh, yes, that I am being more reasonable with  my makeup purchases. Instead, I have invested in swimming classes several times per week and a wardrobe renewal (like these new shoes). I have been avoiding the latter like a plague but I am very pleased with all the items I have purchased in the last year. The fact that I got rid of the unloved pieces also makes me ridiculously happy, too. Hello, more space.

New Beauty Purchasese Uriage, Mitchum CND and Orofluido

When it comes to beauty I try and make lists of things that I need or really want not to get any random stuff. So what where the latest beauty products I’ve bought?