Temporary Lip Tattoos and Color Wand For Lips

I like finding unique or interesting looking products and sharing with others. So here is what I’ve found recently.

Today I want to show you two different products for lips that I’ve found – one from US Sephora exclusive.

So the first one is temporary lip tattoos  called Violent Lips which you can get for $14.95 in the US and for £10 on the UK from Selfridges.

I would definitely try one of those, I imagine they would look nice on the photos.

There is also  the Color Wand For Lips from Sephora which holds together six mini glosses and  comes in two variations, warm tones including a yellow lip gloss, and cool tones including blue lip gloss.

And they are only $10 each. I would honestly get them both because it’s a great price and an interesting product. And even if you won’t like it – I’m sure your daughter/niece/young girl you know would love it.

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