YSL Belle de Jour, Belle de Nuit and Rive Gauche Manicures from Rock and Baroque Collection for Fall 2010

If you saw the YSL Fall 2010 makeup collection Rock and Baroque, you’ve probably seen how many nail polishes they have (and not only, this is a great collection in my opinion). It is a new trendy colourful French manicure.

Here are some variations – red and fuchsia manicure Rive Gauche

Purple and gold “Belle de Nuit” manicure

Purple and turquoise manicure “Belle de Jour”

Classic French Manicure

I really like all the colours and can’t wait to see them as well as the  Fall collection. And which one do you like the best? Belle de Jour, Belle de Nuit, Rive Gauche or these natural shades?


  1. Belle de nuit it is! It reminds me of Chanel noir et or orient extreme collection, replacing the black with the deep purple gives a better contrast to the gold.

  2. I love YSL’s bold colors for fall and hope it will sound the death knell for the classic French Manicure. The ubiquitous FM has become like “mall hair” of the 70’s in all its tasteless and overblown glory. It even shows up on fake toenails. Fake toenails, for heavens sake! Hopefully, these beautiful colors by YSL will inspire those ladies to try something new. As for me, I hear Rive Gauche calling my name.


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