Yves Saint Laurent Makeup Collection for Holiday 2011

I am very happy to show you my absolutely favourite holiday 2011 makeup collection, the gorgeous tuxedo inspired collection by YSL.

This is what Yves Saint Laurent  himself once said:  “ If I were to keep just one item of clothes, it would be the tuxedo…” I have to admit that YSL (women’s) tuxedo is a dream of mine, I hope to get it one day.

No wonder that Lloyd Simmonds was inspired by tuxedo and created this stunning collection. This is what he says about it:

“Black is a color. Without black there is no line. At Yves Saint Laurent, black is rebel, potent, yet all so elegant. It is alive, it is the supreme emotion. Its force comes from the interior. It is light itself.”

Collection includes:


Palette Blanc Terriblement, £39.00/ €53.00

The white tuxedo. The complexion illuminator palette. Shimmering silver, shimmering pink, shimmering violet. Three white hues delicately lit up with precious pearls, catching the light like a magnet to give an absolute glow effect.


Palette Noir Terriblement, £39.00/ €53.00

Black velvet, black silk, black moiré, black lamé, white satin.

Inspired by the tuxedo, the Noir Terriblement and the Blanc Terriblement palettes both celebrate the emblematic spirit of evening clothes that moves effortlessly throughout time. Nestling inside a beautiful gold case, adorned by a pleated belt and embroidered with the Yves Saint Laurent logo. It can be worn around the wrist like a bracelet, a nocturnal fetish.

 Ombres Duolumières, £28.00/  €40.00

  • N° 39 Gold Lamé/Velvet Black
  • N° 41 Silver Moiré/Black Flannel

Rouge Pur Couture£22.50/ €31.00

  • N° 37 Rose Déesse
  • N° 38 Rose Aphrodite
  • N° 39 Pourpre Divin
  • N° 40  Rouge Eros

Golden Gloss, £21.00/€28.00

  • N° 44 White Gold Diamond
  • N° 45 White Gold Opal
  •  N° 46 White Gold Quartz
  • N° 47  White Gold Topaz
  • N° 48 White Gold Amethyst

The big glosses are 44, 45 and 47.


Manucure Couture N° 6, £24.00/ €35.00

Duo Terriblement Noir. Two blacks. One matte and one glossy. An ultra-graphic feel for the season’s most radical, most “couture” duo. A reprise of the contrasts of powder texture and satin lapels, they are complementary to give an ultra-sophisticated, infinitely black finish

Launch Dates Pre–launch date in Harvey Nichols – 29th September (UK and Ireland). Nationwide launch date -19th October.

For me this collection is very rock chic and I love every single product. I see new collections every day so saying that actually means a lot. But if I had to choose, I’d get the manicure set, Golden Gloss 45 (I love pale pink shimmer), eye palette and I would also take a look at the lipsticks.

Once again, YSL did a great job!

Seems like it just can’t get any better but it can. I was absolutely thrilled to find out that the Emily Blunt(my post about her) new face of Opium.

Here is what she says:

“I am very honoured to have been chosen to be the face of OPIUM by Yves Saint Laurent. I have huge admiration for the House of Yves Saint Laurent and feel that this House has always truly understood the expression of elegance – its mystique and its indescribable power. It is a really exciting experience to embody this legendary fragrance, which has stood the test of time without its allure ever being diminished. Being a part of this new campaign and being able to tell the story of this very evocative fragrance is a real thrill.”

The new images will be released in October. Emily will be photographed by  Patrick Demarchelier.


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