ArtDeco Coral Kisses Collection for Spring 2011

I am happy to write about the new ArtDeco collection for Spring 2011 which is called Coral Kisses.

“Sensual and feminine lip colors, eyes and nails are dominating the trend look Spring/Summer 2011. Seductive lips in complementing coral shades make the defining look for the season. Warm, emotional eyeshadow shades in dark brown or shimmering gold-bronze are the fitting beauty companion for harmonious eye makeup. This time the artistic corn poppy beauty box ART DESIGN 11 is inspirated by the international artist Carlo Ferrari.”

Collection includes:


Perfect Color Lipstick

Lipstick with perfect colour coverage and high shine.

  • #36 Pink Thistle
  • #98 Mellow Papaya

High Performance Lipsticks

Luxurious lipstick.

  • #433 Tulpen Nuance
  • #482 Damask Rose

Soft Lip Liner Waterproof

Waterproof lip liner.

  • #75 Mexican Aster
  • #84  Light Tulip

Glossy Lip Care

Colour and care for the lips.

  • #34 Glossy Pink Thistle
  • #44 Glossy Rosy Aster

Hydra Lip Booster

Lip gloss with boosting effect.

  • #12 Translucent Corn Poppy
  • #42 Translucent Papaya


Magnetic box in ART DESIGN of Fashion Colours Spring/Summer 2011

You can perfectly store your eyeshadows and blushers in the refillable magnetic boxes. Thanks to the integrated mirror, the ARTDECO Beauty Boxes are ideal when traveling. This box is ideal for storing 4 eyeshadows or 1 eyeshadow + 1 blusher.

Eye Shadow – pearl

Powder eyeshadows in shimmery pearl shades.

  • #32 Pearly Shimmery Orient
  • #50 Pearly Pine Green

Eye Shadow – duo-chrome

Powder eyeshadows in iridescent duocrome colors

  • #204 Reflex Grey Blue
  • #278 Violet Gemstone

Eye Designer

Powder eyeshadow cartridge.

  • #12 Inka Bronze
  • #22 Noble Champagne

Magic Eye Liner

Eye contour pencil with applicator.

  • #79  Magic Grey Violet

Soft Kajal Liner

Wooden eye contour pencil with soft texture.

  • #87  Fir Tree

Soft Eye Liner Waterproof

Waterproof eyeliner pencil.

  • #90  Deep Brown Violet

Eye Brow Designer

Eyebrow pencil with integrated brush.

  • #1 Black


High Performance Lifting Foundation

Long-lasting, moisturizing lifting make-up with golden particles.

  • #12 Reflecting Shell


Powder blusher in practical magnetic pan.

  • #12 Light coral blush


Ceramic Nail Laquer

Nail lacquer with patented ceramic nano particles

  • #12 Coral Reef
  • #71 Desert Earth

This collection is already available.

Photos from ArtDeco

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  1. How do you like the eyeshadows? I normally pass by this line because they usually look too shimmery/glittery to me but this collection has me intrigued. Especially the Eye Designer colors.

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