AW16 Nude Eye Shadows Palettes: Clarins, Urban Decay, Bobbi Brown and Estee Lauder

Nude eye shadow palettes continue to take the (beauty) World by storm. Here are the newest variations.  Do you like the look of them, or do you have enough nude palettes to last you for a life time?


Bobbi Brown The Nude Library 25th Anniversary Edition, $200 from Saks

This palette was created to celebrate Bobbi Brown’s 25th anniversary, and  features the most-loved and best-selling nude eye palettes from Bobbi’s archives. Sounds like a must-have, Bobbi does know her  neutral shades.

Estée Lauder Sultry Nudes Eye Shadow Palette, £44 from Harrods.

A palette which features 14 eye shadows with different finishes. There is also a Smoky Nights palette.

Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics, £38.50 from Selfridges

Just when you think the brand already brought out all Naked palettes there could be, they come out with a new version. And, although I personally only have the original edition, I love the look of this.  So many beautiful matte nudes.

Clarins Festive Makeup Palette, £35


10 shades with different finishes. These eye shadows contain musk rose oil  in matte shades and white meadowfoam  in satin shades. Clarins is available from Selfridges,,  Nordstorm,  Sephora, Bergdorf Goodman.

I am sure, we will see many many more palettes in the future, so stay tuned!

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