BECCA Smokey Eye Set Review and Swatches

Now it’s time for the review of the other set from BECCA’s holiday 2010 collection. I’ve already reviewed the Beach Tint set so if you’ve missed it – you can check it out here.

This set costs almost £45 but now you can get it for ONLY £30 at zuneta and his is a bargain! Make sure that you get it while it’s still in stock. I was a bit upset that I got mine just a week before such a huge discount but, anyway,  lets get back to review.

This set includes:

  • Line + Illuminate Pencil – Belize (Sooty black/violet eyeliner / smokey mauve grey illuminator), £17
  • Dual Ended Anti-Bacterial Sharpener, £10
  • Eye Tint – Pewter (Rich Gray Black), £17
  • Ultimate Mascara – Black, £17

And this is how all the products look like

Now my thoughts about the products:

First of all I have to say that I haven’t tried the mascara yet because I have enough of opened mascaras right now and I don’t want to open this one until at least one of them is dried out. But I will be sure to write my thoughts about it later as I am curious myself.

Line + Illuminate Pencil – Belize

I really like it! It takes about a minute to create a beautiful smoky eye. I really love to use this product in the morning as it saves me lots of time.

I  just use the lighter shade as a shadow and blend the edges and then make the eyes more defined with the darker side. I usually use it near the lash line and on the water line and absolutely love the effect.

The quality is great, both liners are very smooth and creamy and they also stay on pretty well but I don’t really have problems with creasing. You are going to like if if you love smoky eyes but don’t like them to be jet black.

Now I also want Madagascar (glittery gold/russet brown) and Fiji (shimmery khaki/deep olive)

Eye Tint – Pewter (Rich Gray Black)

This is also a great product. And I would recommend you trying it as it stays on perfectly, doesn’t move at all.

Gives  a great base and looks beautiful on its own.

You can get a touch of colour with it or create a more intense shade by layering, it also looks beautiful over the Belize eye pencil.

Again, it’s great if you don’t like your smoky eyes to be too intense, perfect for daytime.

Lighter and darker shade of the eye liner; eye tint before and after blending

As you can see from the swatches the shades are really matching  each other and are beautiful for the subtle smoky eye. You can also make them look more intense by layering. The quality is great as everything from BECCA  that I’ve tried.

5 thoughts on “BECCA Smokey Eye Set Review and Swatches”

  1. Love Becca so much, it is the 1 brand that I have consistently re-purchased over the years, trouble is that I don’t wear it, too lazy! I must dig it out – thanks for the reminder. Jan x

  2. This looks so fantastic and I would love to try it out, I’d actually love to try Becca stuff out period. I just wish it wasn’t so hard to get here in the states (although apparently they’re on Amazon) and also that I wasn’t broke at the moment. 😉 Ah, well, soon! Thanks for the great review either way. 🙂

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