Benefit Stay Don’t Stray Primer Review and Swatches

In the summer you have to make sure that your makeup stays in place and that’s were primers come to the rescue.

So today I want to show you one of my favourites which is Benefit Stay Don’t Stray. I have a mini version from one of the Benefit sets.

It is a nude primer which makes my eye shadows last for the whole day but I don’t really have problem with creasing anyway. I haven’t used it on the very oily eye lids, so can’t comment on that.

Plus it makes the colour look more vibrant and deep. But what makes it so special? You can actually use it under your under-eye concealer to  make it last longer which is brilliant.  Again, my concealer does not crease  so if you have such problem and tried this primer, please let me know in the comments about the results.

Here are the swatches of the primer, Insane Jane without and with a primer.

The price is £19.50/$26 for 10 ml.

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