Blog Sale Guide. Everything You’ve Wanted to Know About Blog Sales!

This week I got some products  from a blog sale so when I was going to work one morning and thinking what should I write about (with the goodies inside my bag) than I  suddenly realized that I should make a post about the blog sales.

I can’t say that I am a very experienced blog sales buyer but lately I do enjoy spending my hard earned money on makeup of blog sales.

So here are some of my thoughts!

What I Like About Blog Sales

  • You can be sure that you won’t get fooled because a blogger really cares about his/her reputation. Well, this works only if you are sure about the blogger, but I never had any problems or bad experience.
  • Blog sale doesn’t mean that you get only used items or some kind of rubbish.
  • You can try so many new things without being broke.
  • Bloggers usually put some extra goodies if you buy lot of things from a blog sale.
  • You can also find some LE products that are impossible to find elsewhere.

What I Don’t Like About Blog Sales

  • You don’t have time to think what you really need/want because others will get it faster so often you find yourself with items that you don’t want/need.
  • I personally never got all the items that I wanted, someone always got them before me which is really frustrating.
  • Most items are used so blog sales are not for you if you don’t like that.

Of course I could write more things but these are just the first things that I could think about. And here are some items that I would/wouldn’t get.

Things that I would get

  • New products, used powder products, creams in the tubes, nail polishes.

Things that I wouldn’t get

  • I never got used lipsticks,  glosses, mascaras and creams in the jars and I don’t think that I would ever do that.

I don’t think that I will do a blog sale myself(but never say never , right?) because I usually give away makeup that I don’t use to my friends who are very happy about it 🙂

Ok, so now tell me about your experience. Do you like blog sales? What do you like/dislike about them? What was the last item that you’ve got? What items you would/wouldn’t buy?

PS. Products from the photos are not from blog sales, just some makeup that I own, although there are 2 items that I got IN a blog sale 🙂


  1. I never bought anything from a blog sale and actually if I think now I never bought any used products, but I’ve seen some great stuff at those blog sales. Some of them don’t ship worldwide so it’s a pity. I was thinking about making a blog sale myself but I don’t know how many people will accept to pay for the shipping so I’ve decided to make more Giveaways on my blog. 🙂

    • Hi Tavia.

      As for “how many people will accept to pay for the shipping”. Those who want to get a product! 😉

      That’s a great idea about giveaways on the blog, I am sure a lot of readers will be happy 🙂

  2. I live in Europe. Many local blogs do not feature the range of items I’m interested in (you know, it’s easier to review a $2 eye shadow than a Chanel quad) – I tend to be very allergic and most low-budget products simply haven’t worked so I keep coming back to Chanel, Dior and Lancôme, despite them often costing twice or more as much as they do in the US. MAC and other brands I have not been able to try for the lack of actual local counters, and I can’t afford purchasing blindly for the price. This is why I enjoy blog sales (those that ship worldwide, hello Tavia :-)) a lot, I just wish I knew about more of them.

    • Hi Eta! Thanks! I always make International Giveaways because I think it’s only fare to give the chance to all my visitors to win the prize and not separate them and give advantages only to some of them. I have visitors from all over the world and it’s only normal they all should enter the Giveaway. Just my thoughts 🙂

      • Hello Tavia,
        that’s a fantastic attitude. How do you handle shipping? Because it seems it would only be fair to have your readers at least help move the item towards them. 🙂

    • Hi Eta.

      Unfortunately, most(!!) makeup items that I get are as you said “purchased blindly” on-line because I don’t have some makeup counters near my place as well.
      As for the blog sales – try Cosmetic Candy Blog sale. I had only good experience!

      PS. I plan to put some links of the on-line European beauty shops that I like in the future, maybe this will help 😉

  3. Like you I often find what I would have wanted has already been sold. The only item I ever got was an unused Shu blush (we don’t have Shu here) and it was from a blogger I know is a germ-phobe 🙂
    I have sold stuff on my blog a couple of times but mostly, I do give my stuff away to friends.

  4. Buying used make-up? No way! Many, many years ago I got a nasty eye infection which was caused by a tester so I’ve become particularly careful. Unless you know that the blogger used appropriate methods of testing a product without contaminating it (single use applicators that never come in contact with the product once they’ve come in contact with the user’s skin), why would you want to take a chance? As for unopened, never used products, that’s a different matter entirely.

    • Hi Eileen, as you said, I always try to buy unopened products. And I only buy products from the bloggers I “know” and trust. And luckily never had any problems.
      So I am ok if certain powder(!) products were tested, but no for lipsticks/glosses/mascaras/etc of course.

  5. Nice post!  I’ve never bought anything from a blog sale before, but you make a good point that you’re less likely to be duped because bloggers care about their reputations.  Still, I think I would probably only buy things like nail polishes off sales like that

    • Thank you.
      You know, sometimes you can buy new items that someone got and never used. This is what I usually buy. But, as I already said, I wouldn’t buy lipsticks, glosses, mascaras etc 😉


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