Chanel Roses Ultimate de Chanel Makeup Collection for Spring 2012

Chanel just posted an update on their Facebook page about the new collection which includes four nail polishes and six lip glosses.

I had to check the Chanel website and it turned out that Roses Ultimate de Chanel collection was already out in the US, so let’s hope it will be in Europe soon!

Still can’t decide if I like this promo or not. Probably not.



And this image I LOVE

Glossimers have to be my favourite lip glosses and I love pink lip products so I will definitely take a look when these are out. So far, judging from the promo, I like  SURPRISE and DÉSIR.


10 thoughts on “Chanel Roses Ultimate de Chanel Makeup Collection for Spring 2012”

  1. hi marina!!! why don’t you like the image? i really love it!! the model, merethe hopland seems to be the “newest” models cropping up on the runway. i’ve noticed the pixie cut is very popular on the runway but, few can carry it off. karl lagerfeld seems to have an eye on this look as he has a few other models with this look all over his runway shows. anyway, finally, to me, a lovely wearable look. chanel posted what she’s wearing on eyes and cheeks too! i’m wondering if nail color frisson is sheer. i hope not. did you know the glossimer plasir was what peter philips used on the models in the spring/ summer show with the aquatic theme?! a must have!!! thankyou for posting this. i should see these on us counters in a few weeks. xo.

    1. Hi Wendy,
      The model is pretty but I don’t like that she has a gloss in her mouth…
      Speaking about Chanel models, I was surprised to see Alice Delal as their new face for the bags. Yay for Freja and Alice, like them both x

  2. Ooh I do hope we get the glossimers in the UK, I want 4 of them! Glossimers are one of my favourite lipglosses too (along with Guerlain Kiss Kiss glosses and YSL Golden Glosses) and I already own 30+, but I NEED these 4 too! 😉

  3. I´m eyeing two of the nail polishes: Attraction and Frisson. Hope we will see swatches soon and I´m very happy this collection will be in Europe! Yay!!

  4. Hi, Marina! Just wondering if you know if this collection will be coming to the UK?
    I see you have the date for the Vegas collection, so thought I’d ask!
    Love your website too, thanks! 😀

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