Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel Bronze Universel Bronzing Makeup Base Review and Swatches

Today I want to show you the cult beauty product that  is Chanel  Soleil Tan De Chanel Bronze Universel Bronzing Makeup Base. Actually I can’t believe that I never did that before.

Here is how it looks like, it is a classic Chanel design and you get a lot  of product for your money (£32/$48) actually.

So what is it?

Chanel describes it as light cream-gel bronzer with a  velvety finish.  You can basically wear it underneath the foundation, as the name suggests, to make your skin look healthier and, as it is popular to say,  ‘sun-kissed’. Because the texture is so blendable and light it won’t look as if you’ve caked  on tones of makeup. Plus it does not feel greasy or oily at all!

You can also use it for contouring  and warming up the face.  And this is how I usually wear it  myself. I pop on some product to define my cheek bones and also on the eyes, in the crease.

I love Bronze Universel better than the powder bronzers as it blends into the skin and doesn’t look as makeup, plus it stays on for a longer time.

One of my favourite brushes to use it with is Sigma F86 – Tapered Kabuki.

This is how my bronzer looks like now…

Here are the swatches which, I hope, can give you an idea about how the product looks like on the skin.

And do you love  Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel Bronze Universel Bronzing Makeup Base? Do you think it’s worth the hype?

You can buy it here and here.

10 thoughts on “Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel Bronze Universel Bronzing Makeup Base Review and Swatches”

  1. I absolutely ADORE this product!! Plus it lasts forever 🙂 Love love love wearing it (I also use the F86 with it). The day I finish my current pot, I’m marching into Chanel and buying another one!

  2. Well I think it’s worth the hype, all the more so since it’s quite unique (I’m not aware of any other company that has a cream bronzer in their permanent collection)- but imo it’s not a universally flattering colour (on light skin tones it may run a little too orange) and I don’t particularly like it as a contour shade (once again, because of its slight orange hue). I’m NC25-30, brunette and thankfully I can pull it off! 😉


  3. I’ve heard so much about this product! I must admit I’m intrigued by the idea of a cream bronzer, and think this looks quite good in action. It was actually on sale at TJ Maxx (along with Guerlain Parure de Nuit !!), but the display was cleaned out by the time I got there *sigh*

    1. I wouldn’t say that it’s too light, Katherine. But you should try it on (although I have bought mine on-line without even trying) probably before buying.

  4. Katherine – I’m between an NW 15 and NW 20 and it’s one of the best shades of bronzer I’ve ever used! Because I’m so fair, I steer clear of anything that could look mucky or orange on me. This is an absolute winner 🙂

    1. I agree! The best thing about this product is that it’s very blendable and you can ‘fade’ the colour. I actually have a light skin tone myself.

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