Clean And Lean Diaries. Part 3: Week 2. Impressions.

I was very happy that so many of you liked Part 1 of my Clean and Lean experience.  And thank you for contacting me on Twitter and via e-mail, but don’t be shy leaving your comments here, as well 🙂

This time it won’t be so detailed, as there were only four new dishes, that I haven’t featured before.

This week it took less time to prepare everything because I already knew how to cook most dishes, plus I have already bought almost all the ingredients, and organized everything. So I had to make only few grocery shopping trips, to buy some fresh fish or berries. And, yes, I did have free time this week.

clean and lean diaries day 12 breakfast easy eggs florentine with goat's cheeseEggs Florentine with Spinach and Goat’s Cheese

At this point I really got used to such schedule, and didn’t miss or crave anything, like in the first week. I love how everything is organized, and I don’t have to worry about anything: what to buy for dinner, where to eat lunch etc.

Unfortunately, I had some major health issues (which I still need to take care of), so I did end up eating an ice cream to cheer myself up, which was cheating, obviously.  Other than that, I enjoyed most of the meals a lot.

Speaking of ice-cream, that was probably the only thing that I really missed. Any other food? Maybe potatoes, as I love baked, roasted or mashed potatoes, mmm.

Here is the meal plan:

Clean And Lean diet plan james duigan week 2Worst dish of the week –  Green Been and Tomato salad with Turkey. I hated it this week, as much as I did last week.

Favourite dishes – so many amazing breakfasts, wow. There was one with a smocked haddock, two eggs, two rye toasts and some pepper – that I could not even finish, and was very full until the lunch time.

clean and lean diaries day 8 breakfast quick scrambled eggsQuick Scrambled Eggs,  I am not really a big fan of Scrambled eggs, so I just cooked the eggs and spinach separately.

I also loved Eggs Florentine with Spinach and Goat’s Cheese (the first picture in this post). This is the recipe that I will definitely save for the future!

clean and lean diaries day 13 breakfast  haddock eggs and pepper on ryeHaddock, Eggs and Pepper on Rye

And, of course, I can never have enough of salmon, or fish in general. So I was very happy to try different kinds of fish this week.

I will definitely write a post with all my conclusions very soon, so stay tuned.

In the meanwhile, if you want to try this 2 weeks kick-start eating plan, you can get the  “Clean & Lean Diet”  book from Amazon, here for £8.96 or here for $12.42.

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