Daniel Sandler Cosmetics: Highlighter, Bronzer and Contouring Kit

Daniel Sandler brought out three brand new products, all three are face products. So let’s take a closer look!

First of all there is a Radiant Sheen illuminating face powder (£28) which  a lot of girls should like.

It is a cream-textured pressed illuminating powder. These shades can be used together or separately, dry or wet.

 Sculpt and Slim-Effect contour face powder (£24.50)

This is the product that I personally like the best, judging by the promo. I just hope that it is not too warm for my skin tone.

There is also an Instant Tan, wash-off face powder (£22.50)

It is a demi-matte, silky-smooth face bronzer, it also should be Water-Resistant, should look natural and suit a lot of skin tones, without being orange or muddy.

All the products are already available from Daniels’ website.

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