Dolce & Gabbana Khol Makeup Collection for Spring 2012

I really like Felicity Jones as for new face of Dolce & Gabbana, she’s  just perfect model for the brand. In my opinion only Bianca Balti could do it better probably. But she is a face of D&G fashion promos for S/S 2012 actually. With Monica Bellucci! Now that is perfection!

But back to the makeup, the new Spring 2012 makeup collection is called Khol and includes eye quad, eye liners and nail polishes.

This promo looks like it’s Winter or Autumn, not Spring collection

 Let’s take a look:

Smooth Eye Colour Quad Femme Fatale, £36.50

Highlight the brow bone and inner corners of eyes using shimmering white. Create depth and drama using carbon black. Select in between shades of perfect taupe and loam brown for shaping and adding tonal depth.

Intense Khol Eye Pencil£17

  • Peacock – a vivid blue/green
  • True Black – a rich carbon colour
  • True White – for highlighting and brightening the eyes
  • Chocolate – a velvety, cocoa shade
  • Dahlia, a deep burgundy hue mixed with a hint of grey.

Intense Nail Colours, £17

  • Wild Green – a beautiful, verdant shade
  •  Peacock, a two-tone blue/green colour
  •  Chocolate, a velvety, cocoa shade
  • Dahlia, a deep burgundy hue.

This collection is already available at Harrods

I really love the idea of the Dahlia eye pencil!

3 thoughts on “Dolce & Gabbana Khol Makeup Collection for Spring 2012”

  1. Were there any lip or face/cheek products?

    I agree with you: I love the Dahlia eye pencil! I love their eye pencils for the formula and have a few already.

  2. I love the Dahlia eye pencil! I had a tube of the Dahlia mascara but I’ve used it up!

    I love the formulas of the eye pencils and have a few already!

    No lip or face/cheek products?

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