Givenchy Makeup Collection for Spring 2012

Here is a preview of Givenchy Spring 2012 makeup collection. This collection is all about fresh and pastel shades for eyes and juicy red lips. Very interesting combination from Nicolas Degennes.

This collection includes:

Le Prisme Yeux Quatuor Bucolic Blossoms N° 79 – £35.00

An eye shadow palette where Brown is for wood and soil. Green for tender grass. Pink for the tenderness of fruit tree blossoms. Mauve like the first blues of Nature awakening. Pearlescent for the freshness of its light.

Le Prisme Visage Bucolique in Bucolic Blossoms N°1 – £36.50

Unique Compact Powder – Spring Glow. Bucolic Blossoms compact powder illuminates all skin types with a light, energizing and glowing veil. Its micronised texture enables deep colour inlaying and an outwardly “blurred” makeup effect, in perfect harmony with the rural and pictorial world of this collection.

Le Prisme Blush Bucolique,  £31.00

  • Bucolic Rose N° 1
  • Bucolic Poppy N° 2

Unique Blush – Breezy Cheeks. This is the reference to the field of poppies with their dense, generous colour. It symbolises the vivacity of this season and its joyful fragility. Available in pink or red, the blush’s freshness structures the face and highlights the eyes with a luminous, velvety effect.

And here are the products for lips and nails.

  • Rouge Interdit Bucolic Poppy N° 54 – £20.50
  • Gloss Interdit Bucolic Poppy N° 32 – £19.00
  • Vernis Please! Bucolic Poppy N° 177 – £13.00

This collection is out in February.

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