Inglot Nail Enamel in # 318 Review and Swatch

Last week I wrote a  review about the coral shade that you can see on the photo and now it’s time for the lime green in #318.

I already wrote that these nail enamels are a bit different: coral has 15 ml and lime green has 16 ml, the finish is also different. Coral has a cream finish while green has – metallic.  So obviously you get the different effect. You need at least 2 coats of #318 to get the opaque cover and it chips faster than #949.  The conclusion? I am very impressed with the Inglot nail enamels with cream finish and enamels with metallic finish could be better!

This is not the best photo that I took but the colour looks exactly how it looks in real life

Also this is not really my colour and I thought it would look a bit different on my nails.

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