Inspiration of October: Cristina Scabbia

My beauty inspiration for this month is Cristina Scabbia.  And not only this month but in general! I absolutely love the way she looks and her style. Maybe because  we have a very similar taste in everything. For those who don’t know – Cristina is a vocalist in Italian band Lacuna Coil  (I like several songs but am not a fan in genaral). It’s also amazing that she is 38 years old and I would give her 30 top!

Beautiful cat eyes and red lips

Love the accent nail

More photos Beautiful purple nails and makeup

I am not a huge fan of beer but  love Guinness

Isn’t she just gorgeous?

She looks amazing even without makeup on a non-edited photo.

I love when others write about their beauty inspiration  and I love sharing mine. So I’d be happy to hear who inspired you this month.

As for Cristina, I hope I will look like her when I turn 38 😉

6 thoughts on “Inspiration of October: Cristina Scabbia”

  1. Wow she IS gorgeous!
    Those Italian beauties always make me wish I had taken more genes from that side of the family, my grandma definitely had a Sophia Lauren vibe. Unfortunately I didn’t get the dark hair nor the dark eyes, and my skin is olive but oh so fair… It’s my brother who stole all those genes LOL.

    1. Hi, lovely!
      Yes, Italian women are gorgeous. I love Monica Bellucci a lot and Cristina is so beautiful, too!
      My Mom had black hair and eyes but because my Dad is blonde with green eyes I have something in between, but closer to my Mom 🙂

  2. Yep, she’s blessed with some good genes there! I also like her style, matches her music!
    I had no idea either she was 38, she looks a good ten years younger!


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