Inspiration of October: Cristina Scabbia

My beauty inspiration for this month is Cristina Scabbia.  And not only this month but in general! I absolutely love the way she looks and her style. Maybe because  we have a very similar taste in everything. For those who don’t know – Cristina is a vocalist in Italian band Lacuna Coil  (I like several songs but am not a fan in genaral). It’s also amazing that she is 38 years old and I would give her 30 top!

Beautiful cat eyes and red lips

Love the accent nail

More photos Beautiful purple nails and makeup

I am not a huge fan of beer but  love Guinness

Isn’t she just gorgeous?

She looks amazing even without makeup on a non-edited photo.

I love when others write about their beauty inspiration  and I love sharing mine. So I’d be happy to hear who inspired you this month.

As for Cristina, I hope I will look like her when I turn 38 😉


  1. Wow she IS gorgeous!
    Those Italian beauties always make me wish I had taken more genes from that side of the family, my grandma definitely had a Sophia Lauren vibe. Unfortunately I didn’t get the dark hair nor the dark eyes, and my skin is olive but oh so fair… It’s my brother who stole all those genes LOL.

    • Hi, lovely!
      Yes, Italian women are gorgeous. I love Monica Bellucci a lot and Cristina is so beautiful, too!
      My Mom had black hair and eyes but because my Dad is blonde with green eyes I have something in between, but closer to my Mom 🙂

  2. Yep, she’s blessed with some good genes there! I also like her style, matches her music!
    I had no idea either she was 38, she looks a good ten years younger!



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