Japonesque Retractable Lip Brush Review and Photos

I have already reviewed some Japonesque face brushes and now it’s time for their lip brush which I’ve picked for around £9-£10 (I don’t remember the price and it turns out the shop I’ve got it from doesn’t stock it anymore). I have just checked and in the US it retails for $14 at Ulta.

It looks very stylist and retails cheaper than some alternatives. But the quality is one of the best on the market!

This Retractable brush is great for taking in a makeup bag as it doesn’t leave any lipstick stains all over the place.

As for the quality of the bristles, I am happy about it, too. The bristles are firm but not scratchy.  Plus the shape of the brush allows

the precise application which is the most important thing in a  lip brush for me.

I am personally very happy with this purchase  and would recommend this  fabulous brush if you can get hold of it.

And which is your favourite lip brush? Out of all the lip brushes I have, I like this one the best.

I also plan to get the Bobbi Brown lip brush as it was recommended by several Top Make-Up Artists.


4 thoughts on “Japonesque Retractable Lip Brush Review and Photos”

  1. That’s a very cute design. I usually see travel-sized lip brushes separate from their handle and the handle is capped over the brush part as a cap. I don’t like those because the cap/handle never stays on tight enough.

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